What is NetAdeventure Builder?

Is a "port" of the Adventure Builder blue print created by Sun, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the Java Platform.

The Java version can be downloaded from http://www.java.sun.com/blueprints/code/index.html#java_adventure. Java Adventure Builder tries to demonstrate how to use Java API for XML-Based RPC ("JAX-RPC"), Java API for XML Processing ("JAXP"), Java Server Pages ("JSP"), Java Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans ("EJB"), Java Standard Tag Libraries, Java Web Services, and Java Message Service ("JMS") technologies.

Due of lack time this is not a full port of the application but most important parts of it are translated to the .NET platform in order to demonstrate the capabilities of .NET Framework.

What shows this application

This application was built using .NET Framework version 1.1 and demonstrate ASP.NET capabilities, Web Services support (.ASMX) in .NET Framework, DataSets as way of storing data, Databinding, and Session support.

How can I get it

An archive with source and binaries can be downloaded from here.

How to build

The sample was generated using Visual Studio .NET in order to reduce the development process, but it can be compiled using only .NET Framework runtime if you don't change .XSD or .WSDL files. If you change either of these you will need the .NET Framework SDK for wsdl.exe and xsd.exe.
  1. First of all you should unpack the downloaded archive.
  2. The build.bat file can be used to compile the application. First you compile the NetAdventureDL project, and afterwards the Web project.
  3. Create a new virtual web folder using IIS Manager which maps over the Web folder. Alternatively you can use the provided Cassini web. If you want to use Cassini you must register Cassini.dll into Global Assembly Cache (if you don't have SDK installed, you can use drag and drop from Explorer with Cassini.dll into %SystemRoot%\assembly, for example c:\windows\assembly) than run the web server using 'CassiniWebServer '.
    For example:
        CassiniWebServer c:\ 80 /
  4. Point your browser to the location where you mapped the Web folder and enjoy!

Useful links

Note: This application is built for educational purposes, I'm not a lawyer but hope that this should be an acceptable use of the images bundled with Java Adventure Builder. If you think that is not acceptable to bundle these images, I will remove them right away. The Java version has the following license.